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Virtual Experience 11/11/22

Documentary Screenings ~ Workshops

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A multi-dimensional experience for humanity's awakening!

Until the event starts

Introducing our amazing and inspirational contributors!

More Contributors TBA! These wisdom keepers have so much to share with us!

We aim to co-create a Unified Field, where all voices are heard!

The views and opinions expressed by the individual Contributors,
during our 11.11 Unified "un-programming", do not necessarily reflect those of the
11.11 Unified Network or its partners. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Thank You to Our 2022 Angel Sponsors & Partners!

We are Seeding Our New Earth with these commUNITY Collaborators!

Now that you know our Contributors and Network Partners we are Seeding our New Earth with, here is Anistara's Personal Invitation to join us in co-creating our 11.11 Unified field of Care, Consideration, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Compassion, Peace and Unity!

Please note: Anistara meant to refer to the creation of "FOOD FORESTS", not 'food farms'.  

This is a concept that Kiss the Ground introduces to us in their documentary.

What we see as one of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS in the world,
we would like to be a part of the SOULution for...

Did you know that we may have only 60 years left, before our plant-able soils are so depleted, we cannot produce another harvest?

ALL of our land masses can become a dry Desert.

This is NOT acceptable.  What can we do to avoid this travesty, you ask?

We invite YOU to take a stand with us, to Seed our New Earth!

We stand for

⭐️ Healing & Regenerating ourselves and our Mother Earth 

⭐️Caring for our Mother Gaia & for 7 generations THRIVE-ALL

⭐️ Having more compassion for ourselves and humanity

⭐️ Seeding love and awareness in ourselves,
while consciously raising our frequency

⭐️ Regenerating the Earth’s soil, supporting "no till" farming

⭐️ Planting and cultivating "Food Forests"

⭐️ Reducing carbon in our atmosphere by keeping it in the soil (where it belongs)!

⭐️ Replenishing our fresh drinking water sources

⭐️ Reversing the damages of climate change

⭐️ As human BEings, we all EAT FOOD, we believe we can improve our environment, so that there is enough abundance for EVERYONE- making hunger a thing of the past!


Which world do you want to live in?

We are at the 11th Hour!
NOW is the time to TAKE ACTION!
Will you join us in Seeding our New Earth?

YES I will join you & get my Portal Pass! 

Our theme “Seeding the New Earth” intends to plant the seeds in the
hearts and minds of humanity, to take actions NOW,
that will allow the next 7 generations to THRIVE.

We believe that the Kiss the Ground documentary shares pertinent information on how we can begin to do this. And it starts with REGENERATION! 

What are regenerative solutions?

Our topsoil, groundwater, and air quality are TOXIC in today's environment, poisoning our bodies and minds, in turn. Regenerative SOULutions can effectively turn industrial agricultural practices into organic permaculture practices.
A holistic perspective is needed to bring all 'systems' back into homeostasis and a place of health.
The cultivation of "Food Forests" is ONE solution, of many, that we will be exploring during our virtual experience.

Pros to soil regeneration:

🌱 improve soil health

🌱 replenish our water supply

🌱 increase biodiversity

🌱 reduce carbon in our atmosphere

healthier plants = healthier humans = healthier Earth

Are you ready to live healthier?

Yes I am! I'll get my PORTAL PASS NOW! 

How do we regenerate our Earth?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn by tuning in to this year’s
11.11 Unified Virtual Experience 

Here are some of your takeaways!

🙌 Learn how to regenerate the soil for a thriving future

🙌 Discover how to take action in your local community to co-create organic gardens and/or "Food Forests"

🙌 Learn how to create energy through a regenerative system

🙌 Learn how to seed bank at home

🙌  Learn the value of composting your food waste

🙌 Discover self-care practices for Seeding our New Earth from within

🙌 Learn various personal development modalities, to grow yourself and our community

🙌 Discover how to be a part of the growing movement to REGENERATE Mother Earth

We believe in supporting causes that are focused on this mission!

This year we have chosen to share a portion of our proceeds
to benefit Kiss the Ground 501(c)3! 
The more that you donate, when you purchase your Portal Pass, the more we can share!

~We appreciate your generosity!

Kiss the Ground's mission is to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration!  With a focus on the Ground beneath our feet!

We will be screening the documentary film, "Kiss the Ground", starring Woody Harrelson, during our virtual event.

~This is included for FREE with the purchase of your Portal Pass!
You will have up to 3 months to watch it, over and over, when you choose the Awakened or Ascended Portal Pass!

Below is our recent 9.9 Portal Day Transmission:

"Planting the Seeds for our New bEARTH"!

This video explains further the intention and the vibration we are co-creating for this year's event.
Originally aired on FB page on 9/9/22, with over 4.2K views (& counting).
We invite you to grab a cup of tea and have a listen!

Are YOU ready to be a part of the change?
Are you willing to be a part of the SOULution?
Are you ready to be a part of a commUNITY
that cares for Gaia & Humanity's future?



On 11/11/22 Globally,
the entire Virtual Experience time frame is:

11a.m. Sydney, Australia time TO 11:30p.m. Maui, HI time
That's almost 36-hours of content!

11.11 Portal Opening Video: 11a.m.(your time zone)

11.11 Portal Closing Video: 11p.m.(your time zone)

Global Meditation: 11/11/22 at 5-5:11p.m.PST


Right here on this VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE Page!
All you need to do, is choose the Portal Pass that resonates most with you!


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Join us for our upcoming fundraiser for 11.11 Unified: 

10.10 Portal Day Transmission: Co-Creators Unite!

After our Co-Creators have their opportunity to share, we will be opening the zoom room for a special Q&A session, where you can comment and ask anything to any of the co-creators that are present with us. Only those who register on Eventbrite and make a donation to be on the call LIVE will receive this special networking opportunity.

These 11 Core Values & 11 Guiding Principles 

are our North Star TOPICS!


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Mark your calendars for 11/11/2024!!
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We are bEARTHing our Future- TOGETHER!

Join our global commUNITY of change-makers.

Be a part of the SOULution!


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