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Rev. Devi Grace

Rev. Devi Grace

The Divine Union Foundation is a sovereign Common Law Trust for Humanity's return to sacred embodied Wholeness ~ A Leadership Legacy For the Rebalance of Power ~ Remember, You Are The Heir To The Throne of Your Destiny: http://www.divineunionfoundation.org/

International Founder for the Divine Union Academy & Divine Union Foundation
Lake Arrowhead Mountains, CA

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About this Contributor

Reverend Devi Grace is an Ancestral Healer, Akashic Intuitive, Archetypal Oracle, Circuitry Alignment Specialist, Caring Economy Trainer, Compassion Key Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga-TREE Master, global Alchemist and leader in the Soul Embodiment movement. She is the founder of the Divine Union Foundation as well as her Divine Union Academy. Many international elders see her rare inter-galactic manifestation as a tantric synthesis between Heaven and Earth, and she stewards humanity’s Cultural Transformation through Spiritual Midwifery.

Devi’s planetary role as a shamanic medicine woman is to expand the stellar consciousness of our awakening human-divine. She’s ordained as the Speaking Tree of Life for Gaia, and has had thousands of experiences, initiations and rites of passage ever since she was a little girl.

Devi Grace is a co-author in The Ancestors Within Vol 2 book and Journal, and her near-death experience stories support the grounding of ancient masculine/feminine wisdom for modern times. She is a delegate on many Star Ancestors Councils and serves as a liaison for their restoration of our Gaian Twin-Flame planetary resurrection through life's Mother/Father SOURCE CODE.

More information about her worldwide re-balance of power stewardship initiatives is available on her Beyond Being Human Flight Crew page: https://beyondbeinghuman.org/crew#rev-devi-grace

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