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Tzaddik HaNachash

Tzaddik HaNachash

Visionary Global Peace Leader

Founder/CEO of Earth Walk and the #Me3 Movement
Sedona, AZ

11 November 2022, 08:00 AM

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About this Contributor

Tzaddik HaNachash is a visionary leader dedicated to uniting humanity within a diverse global culture of peace. He specializes in creating systems for ongoing human and planetary transformation. He has served as Founder and Global Council Chair of Earth Walk (, a global organization which highlights the potent and powerful process of igniting peoples' passions as the cornerstone to a pathway of peace, since October of 2005.

Over the course of his tenure with Earth Walk and beyond, Tzaddik has conceived, organized, and produced many large-scale events that have received international recognition for their scope, scale, and creativity. His most notable are the Earth Walk Global Unity Events, which included turning a professional baseball stadium into a temple for a full weekend, to celebrate peace, love and joy, as a planet, with eight satellite events on four continents. Some others include the Whole Person Launch Series and the Global Freedom Convergence.

In addition to events, Tzaddik has also served by creating systems for ongoing human and planetary transformation. Tzaddik has served as a social change agent and active community member in the realms of personal, social, environmental, and integral health & wellness advocacy for over 21 years. He has been a leader in the local, national and global peace movements for the same amount of time.

He is the visionary founder of the Conscious Relationship Fellowships, founded in February of 2007, focused on creating safe spaces for people to discuss and explore arenas of their life for personal growth and transformation. These topics include our relationship to food, substances, work, spirituality, sex, and relationship. In addition, Tzaddik is founder to the Conscious Connections Collective, a keystone project of Earth Walk. The Collective is a space for people to gather and engage in conscious connective activities, as a way to connect deeply with one another, build powerful connective community, deepen the beautiful vastness of the heart and soul, and help contribute to a more peaceful, loving planet.

More recently, Tzaddik founded the #Me3 Movement ( - a budding global movement which aims to transform how our society approaches issues of sexual trauma and abuse. providing next steps for healing, for those who have felt the need to "file" a #MeToo claim, calling for loving accountability, justice and total healing for all parties involved in an incident. The #Me3 Movement works with the community surrounding an incident, and the participants involved in that incident, to re-embody, heal what feels broken, and return to a place of wholeness. The hope is to create a framework and model that goes to the core of trauma and abuse, and allows for a restorative model of justice, as opposed to the punitive one we currently operate within.

Beyond the amazing soul-centered, peace and wholeness work he brings to the world, Tzaddik is a playful and feisty trickster spirit unafraid to go deep, while knowing how to keep it light and joyful.

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