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11:11 Christos-Magdalene Starseed Activation

A Presentation by Melissa Sophia Joy
Founder of Somatic Awakening® and Founding Director of Sophia Healing Academy, Santa Rosa, CA

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About this presentation

In our world, things are changing very quickly, and we are being asked to see with new eyes of what was, who we truly are, and the magnificence that we are capable of. In the first section of this presentation, we will cover just that. We will discuss the keys that Christos consciousness holds in manifesting the new earth, what gnosis really means, and how we can step more fully into our healing, awakening, and unified consciousness. We also will discuss a path when embodied helps us manifest this energy more fully in our lives.

We then will go into a potent activation as we activate the 11:11 stargate, where Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and other high beings of light will lead us in taking our next steps in activating our higher self, soul, and heart leading our lives, into aligning with unified consciousness, and how we individually and collectively have everything we need to manifest the New Earth as we activate our own internal divine template.

This presentation takes us to our next level of evolution in being true Starseeds, Way Showers, Medicine People, Healers, Wise Women and Men...to know that we truly ARE the ones we've been waiting for!!!

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The e-book: The Four Golden Keys to Healing: Utilizing the Power of Your Higher Self to Heal Your Deepest Wound with Somatic Awakening®

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Offered by Melissa Sophia Joy
Founder of Somatic Awakening® and Founding Director of Sophia Healing Academy, Santa Rosa, CA

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Melissa Sophia Joy

Spiritual Activator, Teacher, Oracle, and Priestess in the Magdalene-Sophia-Christos Path. I am also a practicing Naturopathic Doctor, Mind-Body-Spiritual Specialist, and Medical Intuitive.

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