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(ENGLISH) The New Time Energies & Living With a Crystal Energy Structure

A Presentation by Barbara Canals
Consciousness & Energy Activator of Barbara Canals Energy Transmissions, Los Angeles, CA

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About this presentation

As the frequency of Earth keeps vibrating higher it is key that we expand our consciousness in order to ascend & evolve with it in a balanced way. 

In order to evolve and crystallise in a more smooth way we can choose to upgrade our energy systems (auras) completely to a Crystal Aura with AuraTransformation. 

This means becoming Crystal Beings, and actually living with a Crystal Aura and Embodying Spirit, like the New Time Children coming to Earth now.

Living with a Crystal Aura is living in absolute energetic responsibility and sovereignty; letting go of our conditioning and ancestral patterns and attachments and unplugging from the influence of the collective unconsciousness, all which pull us back from radiating our True Essence. 

AuraTransformation is a profound energetic process which transforms your aura completely, letting go of all the different energetic bodies, (including the astral, and therefore becoming Karma-free), as well as giving you a new impermeable Crystal aura which will give you boundaries and energetic protection. 

Learn about:

- The New Time Energies (Indigo, Crystal & Golden energies)

- The Old Time Energy Structure (aura) & the New Time Crystal Energy Structure (aura) 

- Crystal and Crystal - Golden Children

- The Crystal & Golden Energies

- AuraTransformation™ – Embodiment of Your Spirit/Higher Self & Moving to 5D & Beyond

- Body Crystallisation

- Golden Age


- Divine Love Language Transmission / Activation

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